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Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Best Instagram Marketing Tactics To Promote Your Clothing Brand


Best Instagram Marketing Tactics To Promote Your Clothing Brand

Instagram has emerged as one of the prominent options that big fashion retailers leverage to promote its brand and products.

According to a stat from 2017, around 90% of Instagram users were millennials and this makes the platform perfect for showcasing and promoting products to the relevant audience.

Since Instagram has a highly visual-centric nature, showcasing the product specifics and their qualities has become enormously easy for brands. 

But how exactly can you leverage the platform to promote your clothing brand?

This post lays out 9 intricate tips that can help you in leveraging Instagram effectively and promoting your clothing brand. Let’s start!


Instagram Marketing Tactics For Clothing Brands

If you are looking for a streamlined Instagram ads tutorial, your search ends here. We will be looking at the top 9 guidelines that need to be followed for having the maximum impact on your clothing brand.


1. Leverage the power of user-generated content

User-generated content is taking the center stage in Instagram marketing. 

With people from all walks of life posting relevant content on Instagram, this has opened up enormous possibilities for brands to leverage this content for their own promotional requirements.

User-generated content is more authentic and brings new customers to your clothing ecosystem. 

Brands are actively working to strike the right mix between their curated content and user-generated content. 


2. Collaborate with influencers

Influencers are popular industry figures who are credible and have a large following of their own. 

Brands are actively collaborating with influencers in the clothing industry and promoting their products through them.

Collaborating with influencer gives brands the extra leverage that they want and also helps them in exposing their products to the followers of that respective influencer. 

Since influencers have the potential of affecting sales directly, the ROI for brands is simply immense.


3. Post behind the scene acts

People love when they get a glimpse of the intricacies involved in the workings of their favorite brand. 

This helps your followers in knowing you deeply as a brand and also deepens the brand-consumer relationship.

Major clothing brands are actively posting behind the scenes to garner the audience’s attention and gaining their trust. 

For example, Nike posts videos related to its sneaker manufacturing process as it enables them in tapping into the consciousness of their customers.

You can deploy a similar strategy for your own clothing brand and get your business intricacies or industry insights in front of the respective audience.


4. Develop your brand’s personality

If your clothing brand caters to the activewear category, you can post adventurous images such and build an authentic brand vibe. 

Posting haphazard content is simply not the way forward and you must analyze the audience that you want to speak to.

Similarly, luxury clothing brands are actively pursuing the strategy of showcasing their products where the luxury is i.e. parties, social events, etc. 

If you want to get a step ahead, you can collaborate with influencers to further enhance their brand’s personality.


5. Leverage Instagram’s features

Instagram has a host of features that can help your brand is getting the exposure it requires. 

With the coveted Stories features, you can send out short and appealing videos that can be easily created using an Instagram video editor.

Moreover, brands that have more than 10,000 followers on their Instagram handle, can unlock the ‘Swipe Up’ feature that enables their viewers to simply swipe up from the stories and land on a relevant page. 

This enables brands to provide instant gratification to their users and affects their sales positively.


6. Tag products in your content

Suppose you have collaborated with an influencer who posts content while wearing your merchandise. 

It’s imperative that many people would want to buy those products. But, without product tagging, they may never be able to find that specific piece of merchandise, leading to lost sales.

You can tag all your products in the Instagram post and post the link that directly takes the users to the designated landing page that facilitates the product purchase.


7. Push video content

Videos are the king of content and this should reflect in your Instagram posts as well. 

The platform provides a video sharing feature that you can leverage to push video content for your brand.

Having a good mix between still images and videos is crucial for striking the perfect balance of content diversity. 

If creating videos seems tedious for you, by using a promo video maker you can easily create appealing videos within minutes.


8. Leverage the Instagram ad network

The beauty of the Instagram ad network is the fact that it can help you in re-targeting users who previously visited your website but did not complete the purchase. 

Stats suggest that nearly 72% of users purchased a product after they viewed it on Instagram.

This metric may be higher for clothing brands as they require visible traction that Instagram easily provides. 

Retargeting customers using the Instagram ad network has enormous potential and can single-handedly boost your sales.


9. Try new consumer outreach features

Instagram allows brands to have brand-specific filters that can only be accessed by users if they follow that respective brand. 

Since Instagram is largely a visual platform, having your own eye candy can attract a huge following for your brand.

Major brands are actively pushing out brand-specific filters that users can access by simply following their page. 

Moreover, once a consumer posts a story with your brand’s filter, it serves as an indirect promotion for your brand.

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