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Friday, December 4, 2020

QuickBooks Hosting

QuickBooks Hosting

We are a leading hosting provider for QuickBooks, QuickBooks add-ons and other QuickBooks related tools. We host QuickBooks that always suits you either you have a small firm or having an office with multiple branches. We always follow the ethics of standard practices to give you a world-class infrastructure for your hosted QuickBooks.

Today is the time of communication, and we convert your accounting operations to the highly collaborative platform. We provide excellent quality, highly reliable service and a 24X7 QuickBooks technical support. We help you to reduce the monthly expenses of your firm by outsourcing all your IT infrastructure demands the most advanced cloud computing infrastructure.

Our support team includes professionals having many years of experience in hosting QuickBooks and accounting applications. Even if you are mess up with any internal feature of QuickBooks, our experts will be right there to fix your problems all the time.

Our services are highly customisable that always accommodate your business needs. We make you feel free from all technical burdens so that you could only focus on your customers all the time. We have a record of 99.5% infrastructure uptime.

  • 24X7 Free Technical Support.

  • Free daily data backup.

  • Efficient printing and scanning solutions.

  • Lightning-fast servers.

  • Business located in the USA.

  • All versions and editions of QuickBooks hosting.

  • QuickBooks add-ons hosting.

  • Access using RDP as well as a web interface.

Our infrastructure meets all the demands of standard IT practices to ensure the delivery of the top class hosted QuickBooks platform and easily accessible. We are the only company having all resources in the USA.

Platform independent QuickBooks hosting solution

Our hosting platform doesn’t depend upon your local circumstances. The infrastructure is easily accessible using any device like Windows, MAC, iPad, iPhone, and other smartphones. You don’t need to change anything to get hosting started.

  • Highly Customizable: We are always ready to adapt to your requirement. So, with hosted QuickBooks, you can even enjoy using your other custom applications.

  • Data Security and Server Location: We practice with industry-standard practices so that there is no chance of your data theft. We conduct weekly infrastructure scanning security audits to ensure high-security standards. The entire server resources are in New York and Dallas.

  • For a complete online office: On the same hosted QuickBooks platform, you can set up all your office applications, tools to make an entire online office accessible from anywhere and anytime, this will increase the productivity of your business.

  • No Hidden Fees: We have no hidden cost at all. We only charge as per our pricing standards—no charge for setup, migration, technical support, 30 days data backup, etc.

  • 24X7 Free Technical Support: Our support team is available by 24X7X365. Our support team consists of technicians having more than 6-7 years of hosting experience. You can call us, chat with us and even send an email related to your support queries.

  • Steps to get started QuickBooks Hosting:

  • Purchase QuickBooks license.

  • Fill up the Client Registration Form.

  • We get your registration request and start provisioning your setup.

  • You will receive all the details including user name, password, server address, user access guide, and easy server connector.

  • If you need, we call you and try to demonstrate how our hosting program will work for you.

Privacy Policy

Use of Your Personal Information We need your personal information to communicate with you for all aspect. 

Accessing Your Personal Information You have rights to change your server login and QuickBooks company file credentials to maintaining security. We never ask your QuickBooks Company files.

And on the other hand, it is your responsibility to keep your passwords confidential. Do not share this information with anyone until your employee or client. If you are leaving your computer, you should always log out.

Invoices and Account Statements: We send all invoice month to month or as per your subscription to your emails with order details and credit card charges. These emails are a part of our online payment and online purchase process. 

All of invoicing and accounting work is managed by dedicated and limited people which information is not share with the support and other team members.

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