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Thursday, July 23, 2020

Let's make cat eyes

Let's make cat eyes

Eyeliner is in fashion these days and cat eyeliner is a style that looks popular among women. The reason
is that it is suitable for all kinds of eyes. It gives a unique impression to the beauty of the eyes, regardless
of the rest of your make-up. Why not a simple rabbit.
You can use mascara, black pencil or gel eyeliner to create cat eyes.
It is better to use it immediately. It is easily applied in four steps. Below we are telling you how to apply it
with the help of which you can give your eyes a very attractive look. After a little practice, you too Learn
to make cat eyes with sophistication.
1. Apply eyeliner on the brush and draw a slightly slanted line on the outer edge of the eye to create a
triangular corner or wing-like style of eyeliner.

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This is called the Wing Line. You can customize the length of this line and keep its angle less slanted or
more slanted to your liking.
2. After making the wing line, bring the same line back along the upper lashes on the eyelid. This will
form a triangle on the outer edge of the eye. If you want to apply a thick or deep liner, keep this triangle
large and the eyeliner. If you want to keep the impression of light or dim, make a small triangle on the
outer corner of the eye.

3. Make a line with the eyelids by moving the line above the liner on the eyelid in such a way that the
whole eye is covered and you can also keep the angle and thickness of the line as per your choice, ie
the line is thicker and thinner. Depending on. Both styles look good.
4. Finally, while completing this charming style, fill the eyeliner inside the empty triangle and apply a
good smile on the eyelids made by an authoritative company. Two or three coats of it also look good.

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