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Thursday, July 23, 2020

Egg shampoo makes hair more beautiful

Egg shampoo makes hair more beautiful

Ignoring your hair is to reduce the beauty of your face. Beautiful and strong hair brightens your
personality. What people do not do to beautify their hair. Buy expensive shampoos from the market or
beauty parlor ( Salon). With a little effort, you can easily make your hair soft and shiny at home.
Eggs are good for hair beauty. Eggs contain a lot of protein, minerals and biotin, which are essential for
hair. Egg shampoo makes hair shiny, soft and strong. Mix many more ingredients with eggs. Here are
some ways to make egg shampoo.

Egg and olive oil shampoo
To make this shampoo, one egg, one teaspoon of olive oil, one teaspoon of lemon juice.

Mix the ingredients together and mix in half a cup of water then use it.
Eggs and aloe vera shampoo
This shampoo is useful for dry and fungal infections, it will strengthen the hair and will not break. To
make it, mix an egg, a teaspoon of aloe vera juice and two teaspoons of shampoo in a bowl and apply it
on the scalp.
Almond oil, honey and egg shampoo
Mix one tablespoon of almond oil, two tablespoons of shampoo, one teaspoon of rose liqueur and one
egg, you can also mix half a cup of water in it if you want.
Applying it will make the hair shine.
Eggs, yogurt and olive oil shampoo
Yogurt removes hair dryness. Mix a quarter cup of yogurt, two teaspoons of shampoo and an egg in two
teaspoons of olive oil. Apply it in the hair.
Egg, lemon and amla shampoo
Mix one egg, one teaspoon of amla powder in a quarter cup of lemon juice and mix with a little warm
Use it and get strong and shiny hair.
Eggs, peppermint oil and henna
Mix a tablespoon of peppermint oil, an egg and a tablespoon of shampoo together, then add half a cup of
warm water, it is a good conditioner.
Eggs, glycerin and rose water
If your hair is dry, mix two tablespoons of glycerin, two tablespoons of rose water, a little warm water and
an egg.
Apply this paste well on the scalp and then wash it. Beat one egg and apply it on the scalp. If your hair is
thick, you can take two eggs. Leave the egg in the hair for an hour, scalp. Cover with a plastic bag then
rinse with mild shampoo.
Hair care
Eat more foods, fresh fruits and vegetables that contain protein.

Cut down on fried, starchy and sweet foods. After four or five weeks, trim the hair a little to get rid of
double-faced hair and style the hair. (Trim) Use a soft nylon brush or comb. Do not use elastic bands but
use covering items such as fringes, laces, etc.
When the hair is wet, do not brush it. Instead, use an open-toothed comb with soft tips. Increase blood
flow to the hair follicles through massage. Massage at least once a week. But massage is not
recommended for those with greasy hair. Or cover with a scarf.

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